I remain quiet

Listening to everyone

Speaking nothing


They say it works

just give it a chance

but going that way

I fall in a trance.

I have tried silence

it is very much tested

now I need words to express

for I know the sadness it will address.

Silent i have been in all situations,

silence i have kept.

Thinking it would end all sorrows,

it gave me tears as I wept.

Words fighting inside my head,

I need to take them out.

I cease to remain the way I am,

being a total lout.


for me it is not a mere word,

it’s the end of all actions

getting in my way, opposite reactions

bringing sorrow, despair, conflicting emotions,

Saying Silence is ‘golden’

Is a misconception.

This is like my one of the best poem so far. Yeah! that true, this is the best I can write. Come on , if you like it then LIKE it 🙂


If you like it.......say it......

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