So this is the poem I wrote on women’s day.


7th march Women’s Day

She weeps when nobody’s around
fakes a smile to hide away the pain
at night she locks the room inside
to lock out the demons inhumane

With every drop falling from her eyes
a fire in her like setting loose, a hound
But her eyes still search the way out
as blood gushing out from a fresh wound

Now she’s decided to pop the bubble
a woman tough to handle the pain
the monsters were not outside the room
they were in her heart, slowly taking shape

on broken pieces of shame and regret
He now walks, scared for his life
she is out there of whom he thought so less
She has come to win the strife.

now indestructible, ready to make a mess
A hostile fire, she’s come to burn
Don’t undermine her, she’ll make you cry
She is going to take over the world.


How is it. Your opinions are always welcome 🙂


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