Walking through the forest,
I realised I was lost
I saw the sunlight filter the trees
On the grass I could see the frost

I could feel the zephyr,
Shuddering the leaves
I could feel the breeze pass though me
A rapt expression on my face
I stretched my arms for it to embrace.

Feeling tired I slept
On the soft grass covered with dew
As exotic as I felt
It was ecstatic, it was new

The morning sun shone brightly over my face
I was happy there, it was a disgrace
Hadn’t slept this long all my life
Between my head and heart, there was strife.

Hadn’t felt like this all this while
So quite, there was peaceful serenity
The smile on my face could tell it all
Finally I had some clarity

Nothing could scare me anymore
There were numerous paths to explore
I was lost but didn’t feel dreary
I say I was lost, but was I really?


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