How do you kill a person? It’s simple right?
A bullet straight through the heart, strangling the neck or the very own, very original rat poison(typically indian, right?).
But there’s one more to add to that. Something never mentioned in “1000 ways to kill someone”. Just say him some bitter words. You won’t even realize, but what you say might just have killed someone.

WORDS…..they are more powerful that you might ever imagine. They have the power to destroy a relation, to destroy a person, to destroy a life.

And the biggest risk that lies,
“Once they are out, you can never have them back.”

On someone’s blog I read a poem which had a line 
“Try pulling the keys up to type and see how much more carefully we choose what we say.”

They say,

“The one who hides his sorrow becomes a comedian. The one who doesn’t, become a poet.”

All of us here are using words to express emotion. So we all know how much words mean and how we must wisely use them.

Well, you might think all of a sudden how philosophical I’ve become! Well I am always like this. But this time, just a a big fight with my parents. And they said some pretty bad things which I didn’t like. They always end up saying something which hurts me pretty bad. But I didn’t reply back with offensive words. Yes, even the words not using the F-word can be pretty offensive sometimes. What I did was to just stay calm and I took the back exit.


When I am really upset or angry at someone, I tend to stay quiet. I dismiss the argument as soon as possible. Of course I do that only for people who matter (I am no saint, just in the making.) Things start goings in my head of all the possible stuff I could have and should have said and all the possible incidents I could have quoted. But at the moment thankfully, it is just in my head. Later on, when I am calm enough to decide what to say, I realize how cruel those words were and how awful I was going to make the other person feel. And then I am really glad I didn’t do it. 
Of course I am not the best person when it comes to confrontations but at least I am a great person to avoid getting in a fight. And to not make the other person feel even more bad, just because he doesn’t know that how much more pathetic his words were.


“We need words to express
But only if chosen wisely
can they be able to impress
else if not said nicely
will make the listener depress”


If you like it.......say it......

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