It all started one fine day when a pigeon decided to build a nest on my bathroom window sill. (definitely an erotic pigeon to choose a bathroom window, right?) When it build it’s nest, it would sit there all day and made those loud noises. It was sweet in the start for everyone in my family. But as the time passed, those sweet noises turned in loud, boisterous groans. My Granny would yell at them the whole time. At times it seemed like a competition about who could be louder. But the pigeon did not budge. It kept sitting there, looking fat as hell, making the same noises as ever, and not going anywhere.
But as the time passes I started to like his sound. You might call me a crazy person but I even started taking to him. But his only reply was a cold look. Yes, his eyes just seemed to stare at me all the time. But I didn’t mind. It was like since he couldn’t speak, maybe it’s eyes had it all.
One fine day I thought that he must be really hungry. It was too sunny outside and I thought, “Why not provide him with some food?”
So I decided to do it. It tried to open the window. As it heard a noise, he twitch. I thought he must be really excited. (Yes, go on, you can call me stupid for being nice.) Then I opened the window, stretched my arm to put some food and far off he flied. Well this was not it. The more depressing thing was what happened after.
When he flew off. I saw in the nest was an egg. (Gosh! How could I have not known). Yes, it was incubating. that’s the reason it wasn’t going anywhere all this while.
I was filled with such guilt and regret. And now it’s been 3 days. the food that I put out for them is still there. Not even touched by the pigeon. I feel terrible for doing that. I was basically interfering in their live! But yes, I learned a lesson, never to trouble the animals. They have their own thing going on you have no knowledge about……

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