We’ve dreams in our hearts
We’ve hopes in our eyes
We believe a single truth
Is worth a thousand lies

We don’t exercise power
For the sake of authority
We know everybody’s got
Its own priority

We know we make mistakes
We have learnt to apologise
We are who we are
We don’t live in a world of disguise

We don’t like to judge you
We don’t form opinions
We’ll fight for what is right
We are together, we’re a union.

We hate enmity
We love from the heart
Every new day
For us is a new start

Yes we’ve got
some sick obsessions
We don’t point out faults
Which is your passion.

You are no perfect
You’re messed up too
You remarks ’bout us
Seem like taboo

We refuse to grow up
If it’s you we’ll turn out to be
We are who we are
You will always be you
We  always want be We.





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