She still sits at window
Waiting for the storm to pass
She wishes the  raindrops
To wash away her tears
She yearns to break the chains
Suffocating her everyday
His words coming at her
Strangling her
Her smile fades away
She is wrecked inside
A flightless bird
Languished by the ordeals
Day by day
She yearns for a life
Longs for freedom
Desires to soar
High in the sky
But continues to be subservient
Confined by the walls
She built herself
Not taking control then,
Loosing control now,
The birds beckon her
To break away
A place with a rainbow
To see colours of life
To strive to clasp what’s hers

But in vain
Her hands are still tied
Her spirits still broke
She will remain so
Fragile, frail, fearful


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