I expected too much from expectations when I

forgot expectations have to hurt like hell. I

expect the expectation to not to kill me

inside but, except living up to it,

it expects me to not to ever

expect. I tried living life

expectation-free and

found all the joy

I could ever



this is

how life goes

on, you expect

the expected, you

will get the unexpected

So stop expecting and start

living the life expectation-free.

And the world will be at your feet

just because you did not expect it to.

[NaPoWriMo 2014 poem 26]


4 thoughts on “EXPECTATIONS

  1. I really like this one. I find that fear and expectations hold me back a lot. I very much appreciate your reminder that letting expectations is very freeing and joyful. I also love the geometrical symmetry of the way you arrange some of your poems – especially this one.

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