Loyalty: Chuujitsu


In the deep dark forest
rustling leaves in the midnight air
he approaches, Shouji, the yojimbo
a very sharp katana in hand.
This time Shouji comes
to hail the Kamis
in this journey of death
with his callous hands.
He has the orders:
Leave no one.
Trust no one.
This journey is of betrayal.
Betray the Kamis.
It is his test of loyalty, for Shouji
choose the Gods or the Boss
With him in the Boss’ palms of hands,
the Boss is the new God.
He struggles with contention to stay loyal
penitent towards the greater good,
The Kami.
Call of the conscience strikes.
Now Takumi has to take the leap
a leap for the mankind.
He has to choose
Blood or peace.
With an eye on the target
his blood pumping hot
he aims the katana
only to stab himself in the stomach
The blood seems peaceful now,
he saved them all.

[NaPowriMo 2014 poem 29]

Wordle Prompt by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


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