It’s been almost 2 months on WordPress.500 likes, 125 followers, and my 51st post 🙂 You might think I am crazy but I like to keep score 😛 Now I think it’s time you know the real me. So, my name is Abhilasha. I am from India as you already know. ‘Abhilasha’ is a hindu name which mean wish\hope\desire. And as the name suggests, I have a lot of wishes! But I believe having some little wishes is what keeps a person going on in life.

When I first started this blog I had no idea it was going to be about poetry. I suck at writing fiction and I only wanted this blog as a stress buster.I would only write about loneliness, and silence and everything but you guys taught me that there is stuff beyond that. And I realised if there is anything related to writing I can do, is writing poems.

I have tried to expand my horizon, when it comes to poetry, I learned many new writing styles: Shadorma, haiku, tanka, elfje, sonnet, triversen, shayari etc.

I took part in the national poetry month. This was such an overwhelming experience. Because yes, I made it. 3o days, 30 poems 😀

I have enjoyed this journey, no matter how short it’s been but it gave me the confidence and it gave me the chance to explore ‘me’. Now I know that yeah, I can do a little poetry.


10 thoughts on “THE REAL ME: REVEALED

  1. Glad you participated in NaPoWriMo, too. It was fun, challenging and exciting to see so many people’s poetry. Hope you can see the ocean one day. I grew up in South Florida USA and the sunsets are amazing when the sands blown over from the Sahara filter through the sky (The sun looks as if it’s melting over the horizon). Blogging IS the best stress relief ever!

  2. In two months you have learned more poetry forms than I have in over one year!! That is amazing. Pleased to meet you. Desirée is one of my favourite names and book I read 3 times, about the mistress/ friend of Napoleon Bonaparte. I too started to destress and laugh about dating but I discovered so much more here. Wishing you lots of wonderful discoveries here too, Oliana

  3. Hello again Hopeful Wisher. 🙂 What a very fortunate name you have. It would seem to fit you perfectly. I thinkso many on WP are of that mindframe. A place to destress and dream. Well done on the poetry challenge. It can be difficult to maintain momentum sometimes. As Oliana commented, you’ve certainly learned so many forms in a comparatively short time here. You’ve certainly done more than me. Keep hoping and wishing – desires fulfilled.x

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