Changes I want
if I ruled the world
Universe is what I will go for
The sun and stars would be together
when the moon would not wait
for the sun to sleep,
independent it would live
playing in the galaxy.
The butterfly flapping it’s wings
will make it rain
cloud in the sky
will dance insane
the pattern they’ll create
wizards, witches, smileys and faces
and earth will win the planets’ races
Jupiter would shrink
Saturn will lose its rings
Pluto will be a giant
back in the planets’ list.
I will live above all
string attached to the planet
dancing around me like puppets.
If I ruled the world
there will be lot a ruckus
So prepare yourself,
as I try to change the world.  😀

The Daily Prompt : If I ruled the world– You’ve been given superpowers to change one law of nature. How do you use it?



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