Surreal by Xfact @deviantART

Surreal by Xfact @deviantART

With the shadow that walked with her,

she knew,

she was not home alone tonight

The sixth sense was working

It was true

Dinner was not a lonely time.


The light behind the shadowed wall

From the half moon with a full glare.

There were shadows

Bent around the corner

In the dark with a little light.


The moon

Beaming in from the window

an evil frown

She would never be alone

Because there were shadows which followed,

shadows to give company.


And this was different

these shadow, unlike the others,

not her own.

Unwanted silhouettes

cold, lifeless,

transparent yet opaque


Prompt given by Mindllovemisery’s Menagerie Prompt 55 “Slowly Dawning Horror”




  1. Oh this is scary I have always bee frightened of shadows in a house I once lived in we often (my family) saw humanesque shadows on the walls but there was nothing to explain them

  2. this is scary – but i also see this as not just a bad thing, but a good thing – the shadows of those you love and who are gone. they follow you and keep an eye on you.

  3. Scary, but there is still a sort of relief in not being alone, even if the only company is our own demons and shadows. Beautiful!

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