Born of Frustration by MyLifeThroughTheLens @deviantART

Born of Frustration by MyLifeThroughTheLens @deviantART

Monday morning blues
morning with such dark hues
nothing is going to go right
need to pay my previous dues.

There had to be a fight
she said a child, I am not bright
These words, to me, were offensive
of course nobody understands my plight.

I was defensive
maybe a bit hypertensive
but they are not in my situation
yes, I am a bit too apprehensive.

My being, considered a selfish notion
a waterfall of repressed emotions
I wonder if this will ever end
to my frustrations, no cessation.

Prompt given by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Prompt 56 ‘Indescribable Frustration’



  1. U got the rhyming going wel girl! It was a pleasure to read. N the one about ‘waterfall of repressed emotions’, quite a beauty in itself. But if u may not mind, I feel the ending could hav been done a bit better. The double rhyme on ‘frustration, cessation’ stands-out of the beautiful flow till then. Stil, good one.

    • Thanks a lot. Well, the rhyming is influenced by Robert Frost. Even I felt the ending to be a little weak but couldn’t think of anything better. Thanks for your true criticism 🙂 I’ll see if I can get it to improve.

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