Andrey Bobir

Andrey Bobir

The child holds in hands

a lotus

fragile, yet powerful

an eclectic beauty

like a divine soul.

It has its songs to sing

some thing left unsaid

some things unheard

ready to reach the human ear

ready to give a take on life

a spiritual awakening

a divine interpretation.

The eight petals blossom

with contentment

blossoming deep in mud.


Deep in the mud

among the stench

it rises and blooms

spreading its aroma.

Now this song

it needs to be heard

the flower calls out my name

beckon me to give away the pain

fall under the charm of God

lose the ego

let go of the demons.

Welcome them all

with a smile wide open

for beauty lies in

the purest of souls.

Poetry Prompt given by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #9

I am not a spiritual person. But I do respect others’ beliefs. When I looked up about the significance of a Lotus flower, it  represents clarity of heart and mind. A lotus flower is a symbol of purity which rises unsullied through muddy water. It is also one of the Eight Buddhist symbols of good fortune.




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