Tomoki Hayasaka

Tomoki Hayasaka

I was a lonely child
a little lost
the place was alien to me
and so were you all
In the strange place
All I wanted was a loving soul
all I got was a devil in disguise
You held me up
twisted me like a rag-doll
“It is our way of friendship”, you said
and gullible, I was, I believed
Hoped this would end soon.
Only making worse the next day.
I let you ruin me
I let you destroy me
physically, mentally,
emotionally, financially
those scars, I hid with a smile
trying to gain your attention.

I was under a shadow
the big boys befriending me
Not knowing you were never my friend.
I was scared of you presence
your names gave me the chills
in my dreams, your hands grasped me
you held me in your arms
and slowly a devil would emerge
not letting me go.
You just wanted to win
you wanted to win over me.
And I did what I should not have done
I let you win.

PHOTO PROMPT GIVEN BY: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Bullying has always been a major concern in this world. I have never bullied anybody and fortunately neither have I been bullied. But I have seen people suffer with it. It is despicable how young children are bullied and the worst part is that they are too scared to seek help. So, spread the message ‘Say No To Bullying’.


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