I Stand Tall: Speakeasy #166

 Father's Day

He taught me how to read people’s eyes

He always said to keep my head high

Others will put me down


I have to keep moving forward.

They will then stand and stare.

They will look with awe.

They will try to belittle me.

It’s me to fall down

but, to rise up again.


“Never give up”

“Don’t undermine yourself”

“You can do it”

“You have to do it”

“Just keep moving forward”

Some things he says,

I will never forget.

For when the world stops moving round,

I need to turn things around.


I stand tall in his eyes,

in the world, I walk with pride.

I never thank him for all he did

my father, who made me stand tall

with the first steps I took

and the steps I am still taking.


20 thoughts on “I Stand Tall: Speakeasy #166

  1. That is so beautifully written .. yes sometime we foget to thank those who have made us what we are today ..

    and I am sure you father is proud of you alwayssssssssssssssssss

  2. Abhilasha when we have a good competer to face we improve naturally.you really have played a part in improving my poems.you must show all these comments to your father.he will be really proud of you.great poem 🙂 the only reason i didn’t tell you i have nominated you for an award is i was sure you already got that award.keep writing and study well.god bless 🙂

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