Have A Little Hope


A lovely angel at night
carassed my hair with love
‘You are the star all above’
She would say and leave my sight.

With starlight and my beaming eyes
uplifting spirits, smile on my face
I was hopeful for a brighter place
For sorrow, my smile was the guise.

A magical touch and it came to me
One comes when I thought I was lost
One came when I needed the most
An angel called hope, to set me free.

These mere four letters
lost alone in an abyss meaningless
taught a lesson in togetherness
It says that it gets better.

Hope strikes me when I lose it all
Hope inspires when the world stop helping
Hope creeps in with the morning light looking
Hope keeps the key to the door of my soul.


10 thoughts on “Have A Little Hope

  1. Abhilashaa you are not letting me give up writing poems.This is beautifull 🙂 .In deep sorrow smile should be your reply and i hope you become a great poet.god bless.

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