Say No To Drugs (acrostic)

Say no to drugs by Abhilasha S.

Say no to drugs by Abhilasha S.

She left him high and alone when he was
Aching under the pressure
Yearning for a life all along
Not saying no when he should have
Orange eyes,a weak heart
Troubled with thought yet taking in more
Others let him fall into it
Drugging his way into dark future
Ruptured the senses to come back from
Unfathomable abyss.
Got into choosing drugs when,
Should have said yes to life.

June 26 is International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Now, this poem did not turn out as I wanted it too. But, you get the idea that you should say no to drugs, right?



16 thoughts on “Say No To Drugs (acrostic)

  1. If not for the mention in the last line, I would hav presumed it to be about love, the greatest drug n most potent addictions of al. Or as Gabriel Garcia would say, tat devastating love..

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