Finding My Heart

Abhilasha s.

At the end of the season of rainbow
Deep under snow, each step will show
Under white frost, there lies my heart
It’s the beginning of a new start.
Cold does my heart feel, senses are numb
Spirits revived, heart beating like a drum.
The fire in me will melt the frost
I’ll find my heart where it was lost.

Pooky’s Prompt: Write a poem which contains exactly 60 words


17 thoughts on “Finding My Heart

  1. Ter was a tune to it. The rhyme n rhythm was admirable. But I felt, from cold does my heart feel… to spirits revived, the transition was a bit too brisk. I would hav wanted ter to be something inbetween. Just a thought.

  2. Who knows when is the time one truly finds where there hearts are lost right?you lied to me right you are not on earth can you write such a beautiful poem?i mean i can find there is internal depth to this poem that comes from long experiences 🙂

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