The Day it all Stopped

it stopped

The day my heart stopped

Well it was the day of my brain

I was studying, full concentration

No thoughts of a futuristic lover.

The day my heart stopped,

I was rational and I was wise

It was like a prize, given by this life

I needed my heart no longer

The day my heart stopped,

I was mean and selfish they say,

I was ready to fight and burn it all away

I knew what was right and what was wrong

But I did not know right or wrong.

The day my heart stopped

My brain was the king

He made me do things

I could never have did

I made them cry,

Asked them to go, die

There was sorrow and despair,

but oh, how could I know

my heart wasn’t there,

The day my Brain stopped working

Where did my sense go?

I was emotional, sentimental,

Overflowing with emotions

Always feeling a little danger.

The day my brain stopped,

I chose life, and I chose things lively,

Pursuing comfort in my lovely chair

sitting, I would reminisce the jolly old days

The day my brain stopped working

My heart was alive

To teach me the worth of this life

I wished for rainy morning,

Seeked fireflies at night

I hoped to be with the bird,

take on a flight

The day I got all my senses back

My brain in my head

the heart on the left

Life has been a constant battle

Pleasure and pain, I have felt together

Now that they are both are alive

With an imperfectly perfect harmony I will survive.


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