The Breakup piece

So my friend was in a really bad mood and wanted to write something. Together we came up with this where ‘S’ is my friend and ‘A’ is me.

S: I loved you and there is the major prize that I paid
We are falling apart and this is my last serenade

A: Don’t you go from loving to hating me
Step in my shoes you are all that I see

S: If only your eyes were clear
I could have seen the love
Though the eyes are open for me yet not the heart

A: My heart skipped a beat
When I saw u that first time
And it’s been beating forever
For you, all this while.
Don’t leave me hanging
From my life, do not depart.
Don’t borrow my soul,
only to tear it apart.

S: Am I one tearing it apart
You are the only one I ever got
Never did I even dream of taking a part of you away
You are the one forcing me to depart,to find another way
Sweet lies, sparkling eyes, I’ll miss them miss them a lot
Coz you are the only one I ever got

A: It’s been so long
You still don’t understand
Having you was the best thing
I could ever have
But now this fighting, these quarrels I cannot take
It’s not you neither me with the mistake
Close together yet miles apart
We need to find our way back to the start.

S: Talking of the first time I saw you that day
That day was bright but it is raining today
You went too deep where no girl has ever been,
You made it hurt with the pain you have never seen,
I am dying to stay yet I am Leaving you,
But baby one last time I want to confront you,
Give me back the memories of our first kiss,
You are the one I don’t ever want to miss
Coz in my new life you won’t even exist.

A: If staying apart is what you want
This permission then I’ll grant
If keeping me alone is your wish
I’ll be standing under the mistletoe
The place we had our first kiss
Do remember, in this life I will not forget
Your touch, your kiss, your look, your smell
You feel like leaving then, so be it
My arms will stay wide open forever still.

S: If I was standing in the middle of your life
Why was I deprived of the appreciation,
Even after all the real sacrifices
Why was I a hallucination
I stood there crying,begging for your attention
This day is nothing but your own implication.


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