Can you feel the void?

One more collaboration by my friend and I. One more breakup poem where A is me and S is my friend’s part.

S: I thought this day will never come
Our love will out stand all the mutual exclusiveness,

A: I thought with time our hearts will melt
Into one, fusing together, as they belong
Instead they are burning apart
With the fire in your heart
Not for me, for someone other.

This love is the game you played
This love is what you betrayed
No, no.
“Love” is what you shouldn’t have said
For in this life, I’ve got it loud and clear
The love you speak of
Exists, just not here

S: I was always there whenever you had nightmares
I used to hold you tight pulling out worst affairs
I thought you love me and the three words you speak
In my mind they were true more than “god exist”

I lost my heart to you, I lost my pride
I was so deep in love, didn’t realise you kept me aside
I thought you loved me, I am sorry for being here
But today coming true is the worst of my fear

A: We had our little rainbows
We had the heavy showers
We made love under the stars
We had fights for long hours

Never did I ever love you any less
Never did I feel you slipping away
But contemplating the things you say
I cannot take it this way

This is all in your head
You need to set us free
This bond is bound to break one day
Don’t give up your pride for me

You blew away the sand castles we made
For you thought I carved someone else’s name
You have always had your doubts
But I still trust you, hope you do the same.

S: But can you feel the void between us?
Can you feel there’s nothing left
If I try to fill the gap between us
With the arcs of rainbows
And the strength of mother earth
Will it last for days we are left with?

I  stood among you, yet miles apart I was
You could touch my heart from a distance
But did you feel the warmth of my promise?
There’s nothing left between us
Lips now only clash and not kiss

You saw our future together and said it’s of no worth
You told me to not keep my hopes high
Your warmth built a hearth stone in my heart
But did you heed the distance between us?


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