The little girl and her small world
With the penchant for the Ferris wheel
A wheel so tall, so huge
Her eyes would grasp the whole world
All at once
The world hidden from her
For far too long.
When on top of the world
She could kiss the stars, this time for real
And the people below, so small, so timid.
So close to the top, so far away from the earth
Her pendant which hangs on her neckline
Would fly up as the wheel goes down
And she wonders
Will it soar high?
Or would it go down, the necklace,
When wheel rotates and takes her down
From the topmost point back to the solid earth.

And then again, she continues to sit near the window
Staring at the giant wheel
Hoping, just hoping,
One fine day
She would touch the heights.

-Abhilasha S.

Done for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


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