The little girl and her small world
With the penchant for the Ferris wheel
A wheel so tall, so huge
Her eyes would grasp the whole world
All at once
The world hidden from her
For far too long.
When on top of the world
She could kiss the stars, this time for real
And the people below, so small, so timid.
So close to the top, so far away from the earth
Her pendant which hangs on her neckline
Would fly up as the wheel goes down
And she wonders
Will it soar high?
Or would it go down, the necklace,
When wheel rotates and takes her down
From the topmost point back to the solid earth.

And then again, she continues to sit near the window
Staring at the giant wheel
Hoping, just hoping,
One fine day
She would touch the heights.

-Abhilasha S.

Done for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


The Breakup piece

So my friend was in a really bad mood and wanted to write something. Together we came up with this where ‘S’ is my friend and ‘A’ is me.

S: I loved you and there is the major prize that I paid
We are falling apart and this is my last serenade

A: Don’t you go from loving to hating me
Step in my shoes you are all that I see

S: If only your eyes were clear
I could have seen the love
Though the eyes are open for me yet not the heart

A: My heart skipped a beat
When I saw u that first time
And it’s been beating forever
For you, all this while.
Don’t leave me hanging
From my life, do not depart.
Don’t borrow my soul,
only to tear it apart.

S: Am I one tearing it apart
You are the only one I ever got
Never did I even dream of taking a part of you away
You are the one forcing me to depart,to find another way
Sweet lies, sparkling eyes, I’ll miss them miss them a lot
Coz you are the only one I ever got

A: It’s been so long
You still don’t understand
Having you was the best thing
I could ever have
But now this fighting, these quarrels I cannot take
It’s not you neither me with the mistake
Close together yet miles apart
We need to find our way back to the start.

S: Talking of the first time I saw you that day
That day was bright but it is raining today
You went too deep where no girl has ever been,
You made it hurt with the pain you have never seen,
I am dying to stay yet I am Leaving you,
But baby one last time I want to confront you,
Give me back the memories of our first kiss,
You are the one I don’t ever want to miss
Coz in my new life you won’t even exist.

A: If staying apart is what you want
This permission then I’ll grant
If keeping me alone is your wish
I’ll be standing under the mistletoe
The place we had our first kiss
Do remember, in this life I will not forget
Your touch, your kiss, your look, your smell
You feel like leaving then, so be it
My arms will stay wide open forever still.

S: If I was standing in the middle of your life
Why was I deprived of the appreciation,
Even after all the real sacrifices
Why was I a hallucination
I stood there crying,begging for your attention
This day is nothing but your own implication.

The Day it all Stopped

it stopped

The day my heart stopped

Well it was the day of my brain

I was studying, full concentration

No thoughts of a futuristic lover.

The day my heart stopped,

I was rational and I was wise

It was like a prize, given by this life

I needed my heart no longer

The day my heart stopped,

I was mean and selfish they say,

I was ready to fight and burn it all away

I knew what was right and what was wrong

But I did not know right or wrong.

The day my heart stopped

My brain was the king

He made me do things

I could never have did

I made them cry,

Asked them to go, die

There was sorrow and despair,

but oh, how could I know

my heart wasn’t there,

The day my Brain stopped working

Where did my sense go?

I was emotional, sentimental,

Overflowing with emotions

Always feeling a little danger.

The day my brain stopped,

I chose life, and I chose things lively,

Pursuing comfort in my lovely chair

sitting, I would reminisce the jolly old days

The day my brain stopped working

My heart was alive

To teach me the worth of this life

I wished for rainy morning,

Seeked fireflies at night

I hoped to be with the bird,

take on a flight

The day I got all my senses back

My brain in my head

the heart on the left

Life has been a constant battle

Pleasure and pain, I have felt together

Now that they are both are alive

With an imperfectly perfect harmony I will survive.


Different shades in her life,  and a different life she gave to the shades.

Different shades in her life,
and a different life she gave to the shades.

Hazel eyes beaming with the confidence

into her love, she could persuade

Different shades in her life

and a different life she gave to the shades

Hints of the vivacious red

between the silky black hair

expressing the hidden smile from within

rosy lips with a pinkish layer

Her face, a reddish hue

a warm glow, high on life

Her cheeks, here a little green of envy

and there, a pale yellowish shy

Her favourite turquoise earrings she wore

and the pretty little blue dress

with all the different shades in her life

with all her shades, he was impressed.

But, like no two rainbows perfectly alike,

colour, not shape is what he missed

for she came in different shades

and his’ was the only shade she skipped



could be seen,
in her remorseful eyes
when the soldier
gives a reassuring look.
He will return soon.


could be seen in her eyes
as he departed
only hoping to return soon
from the hostile place
where his life is at stake.


could be seen
in little child’s strong eyes.
He will not cry this time,
only wait for the father to return.


could be seen
in mother’s despondent eyes
disapproving yet reassuring
son will make her proud.


could be seen
in the soldier’s eyes
for the country
for his nation
no less than for the family,
only a little different.
love greater than humanity
love for a brighter prosperity
A selfless love.



The red rose
red as the blood gushing out
freeing itself from the veins
freed by the thorn
that protects the naive petals
pricking the flesh which touched them.

For me you were my thorns
but the strong, powerful, protecting thorns.
Robust yet so tender
safeguarding me from the demonic spirits
the spirits that touched my vulnerable soul.

Buried next to you
are the memories countless
which will bury along, but never die,
and the red rose which sits on your grave
a bittersweet emotions in your embrace
as the rose, dead too, still there it lies.

Prompt by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Prompt #64 Ya’aburnee

Both morbid and beautiful at once, this incantatory word means “You bury me,” a declaration of one’s hope that they’ll die before another person because of how difficult it would be to live without them.



Robert Dowling

Robert Dowling

The sun looks upon me
making me squint my eyes to look far
How far can my eyes reach?
This lingering doubt I have had since
How far and wide the eyes can see
from the highest point of the tallest tree
If I travel with my eyes, how far will I reach
Certainly farther than this tree
and further away to discover the real me

I sit on this branch, my eyes seeking something
They see the girl who waits for the bird
the little birdie which sits next to her
they fail to see the bird she is
a phoenix, ready to burn
only to rise a little more higher.

Just a flame to ignite
And a hunger to leave a mark
Just a vision to look far and wide
She is on the hunt, a hunt for the spark.

PHOTO PROMPT BY Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Finding My Heart

Abhilasha s.

At the end of the season of rainbow
Deep under snow, each step will show
Under white frost, there lies my heart
It’s the beginning of a new start.
Cold does my heart feel, senses are numb
Spirits revived, heart beating like a drum.
The fire in me will melt the frost
I’ll find my heart where it was lost.

Pooky’s Prompt: Write a poem which contains exactly 60 words http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/poetry-prompt-60-sixty/

Say No To Drugs (acrostic)

Say no to drugs by Abhilasha S.

Say no to drugs by Abhilasha S.

She left him high and alone when he was
Aching under the pressure
Yearning for a life all along
Not saying no when he should have
Orange eyes,a weak heart
Troubled with thought yet taking in more
Others let him fall into it
Drugging his way into dark future
Ruptured the senses to come back from
Unfathomable abyss.
Got into choosing drugs when,
Should have said yes to life.

June 26 is International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Now, this poem did not turn out as I wanted it too. But, you get the idea that you should say no to drugs, right?


Rain (Haiku)

Rain haiku by Abhilasha S.

Drop fall from heaven
smiling under open sky
first shower in June

open the window
Do let the aroma in
feel the elation

forget umbrella
dancing without music
sans pain, sans despair

stretched arms out and wide
it’s what happiness feels like
collect drops in hand

sink in a puddle
sometimes they try to swim too
paper boats in rain

drip, drip the drops fall
rippled-puddles on the road
kicked, water splashed up.

raindrops on my cheeks
after summertime sadness
satisfies the thrust.

I Stand Tall: Speakeasy #166

 Father's Day

He taught me how to read people’s eyes

He always said to keep my head high

Others will put me down


I have to keep moving forward.

They will then stand and stare.

They will look with awe.

They will try to belittle me.

It’s me to fall down

but, to rise up again.


“Never give up”

“Don’t undermine yourself”

“You can do it”

“You have to do it”

“Just keep moving forward”

Some things he says,

I will never forget.

For when the world stops moving round,

I need to turn things around.


I stand tall in his eyes,

in the world, I walk with pride.

I never thank him for all he did

my father, who made me stand tall

with the first steps I took

and the steps I am still taking.



The sound of love he kept in his heart

He knew this sound, he will have to depart

With the lucky bracelet of her to him

In the depths of her memory, he will swim.


Hearts intertwined with the chain of love

He would look for her in the stars above

And in the brightest star that shines

He could always see her smile.

Drinks Away (Shadorma and Elfje)


Drinks away
Drinks to forget them
of near future
when the world will turn hazy
and vision, blurry

In the bar
drinking away life
of the hour
soon the world starts spinning round
deluded from life.

for tomorrow
hungover from yesterday
when he finally feels

Prompt by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie- Shadorma Photo Prompt #11 Illusions by Bastet


She was like the rest

but a scar running through her face.

She thought she was not alone

but there was lonely road to walk on.

Her face beamed like the morning sun

Only the mark, like craters

on a worn-out building.

Like the tip of the oldest landmark

broken with use

her spirits tumbled down.

The walls in her heart building high

The screams in her head, now diffused.

Her faith flickers like a strobe light

going high, coming low.

This scar would never leave her alone

following behind, every path she tread

And they would look at her

with disgust

Despise her with words of abuse.


She was like the rest

But she was different

She had only a scar on the face

They,  deep inside the soul.

PROMPT GIVEN BY WeDrinkBecauseWeArePoets Poetry Prompt#13 Scars

This week, I would like our topic to be Scars. I want you to write about them, be they physical or emotional, how they shaped you into what you are, how much do they affect you in your day to day lives. I want this poem that you write to be in comparisons to a City. It does not have to be a specific city that exists, more like a place.



Smile by bethel1113 @deviantART

Smile by bethel1113 @deviantART

I was happy

thought of passing it on-

my gaiety

my euphoria

my optimism

It’s contagious, I think,

spread and it spreads.

I was happy today

kick-started the day with a smile

passed it on for miles

there was joy in their smiles

there was hope in their eyes

the night was happy as the day

I think I made someone smile today.


Sometime she looked for fishes among clouds
sometimes she would see wizards and witches
her mountains, her oceans all reside there
superficial as her own self became.

There were times she saw mother’s loving hands
spread wide, trying to drape her underneath
hazing illusions is what she searched for,
a flickered happiness in the vapour.

Stuck in this unfathomable abyss
she searched all her life a place to fly to,
noise loud enough to break sound of silence,
place far away to never return from.

This sky was her escape from that grim past
clouding on her with the dark solitude
moving apart, making way for sunshine
but whatever it was, it was her sky.

Pooky’s Prompt : Write a poem where you specifically think of the metre of the word. I chose (actually I just tried, don’t know if it really worked) Iambic pentameter.


Tomoki Hayasaka

Tomoki Hayasaka

I was a lonely child
a little lost
the place was alien to me
and so were you all
In the strange place
All I wanted was a loving soul
all I got was a devil in disguise
You held me up
twisted me like a rag-doll
“It is our way of friendship”, you said
and gullible, I was, I believed
Hoped this would end soon.
Only making worse the next day.
I let you ruin me
I let you destroy me
physically, mentally,
emotionally, financially
those scars, I hid with a smile
trying to gain your attention.

I was under a shadow
the big boys befriending me
Not knowing you were never my friend.
I was scared of you presence
your names gave me the chills
in my dreams, your hands grasped me
you held me in your arms
and slowly a devil would emerge
not letting me go.
You just wanted to win
you wanted to win over me.
And I did what I should not have done
I let you win.

PHOTO PROMPT GIVEN BY: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Bullying has always been a major concern in this world. I have never bullied anybody and fortunately neither have I been bullied. But I have seen people suffer with it. It is despicable how young children are bullied and the worst part is that they are too scared to seek help. So, spread the message ‘Say No To Bullying’.


Crystal Constellation by Pandacv721 @deviantART

Crystal Constellation by Pandacv721 @deviantART

Look at the stars as they shine

so bright, illuminating

the path for everyone

who wanders in the dark.

Look at the stars so bright

twinkling with elation.

Such randoms stars

when together,

teaming up to form the home

a home called constellations.

And look at the constellations

artistically arranged

to let you bring

out the creativity in you.