Can you feel the void?

One more collaboration by my friend and I. One more breakup poem where A is me and S is my friend’s part.

S: I thought this day will never come
Our love will out stand all the mutual exclusiveness,

A: I thought with time our hearts will melt
Into one, fusing together, as they belong
Instead they are burning apart
With the fire in your heart
Not for me, for someone other.

This love is the game you played
This love is what you betrayed
No, no.
“Love” is what you shouldn’t have said
For in this life, I’ve got it loud and clear
The love you speak of
Exists, just not here

S: I was always there whenever you had nightmares
I used to hold you tight pulling out worst affairs
I thought you love me and the three words you speak
In my mind they were true more than “god exist”

I lost my heart to you, I lost my pride
I was so deep in love, didn’t realise you kept me aside
I thought you loved me, I am sorry for being here
But today coming true is the worst of my fear

A: We had our little rainbows
We had the heavy showers
We made love under the stars
We had fights for long hours

Never did I ever love you any less
Never did I feel you slipping away
But contemplating the things you say
I cannot take it this way

This is all in your head
You need to set us free
This bond is bound to break one day
Don’t give up your pride for me

You blew away the sand castles we made
For you thought I carved someone else’s name
You have always had your doubts
But I still trust you, hope you do the same.

S: But can you feel the void between us?
Can you feel there’s nothing left
If I try to fill the gap between us
With the arcs of rainbows
And the strength of mother earth
Will it last for days we are left with?

I  stood among you, yet miles apart I was
You could touch my heart from a distance
But did you feel the warmth of my promise?
There’s nothing left between us
Lips now only clash and not kiss

You saw our future together and said it’s of no worth
You told me to not keep my hopes high
Your warmth built a hearth stone in my heart
But did you heed the distance between us?


All I Needed

The writer’s block has hit me real hard. I haven’t written for a long time. Now with the onset of National Poetry Writing Month I decided to why not give my poetic side one more chance. SO now, I start of with his really simple poem. Wish me luck guys, to write start writing poems again.

NaPoWriMo Day 1

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 1

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 1

Like a fresh summer breeze
you flew through the curtains
of my heart, which you opened
and took away the pain.

An uninvited visitor
a knock on my door
Oh! that one look was enough
Enough to sweep me off the floor.

A soft zephyr
the chill through my veins
You are my sunshine
in the pouring rain.

I was lost in a maze
trying to find myself
But, when I found you
You were all I needed.

  • Abhilasha S.

Blog Tour

I was invited to do this blog tour by Lorrie Bowden form



Her blog has a simple tagline ‘Blessitude: I am so glad and full of gratitude’ I think this speaks for itself. She was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. But, unlike some, she did not let it take over her. she is a really positive soul who believes in optimism and knows that life has much more to offer. She writes some amazing poetry and especially her haikus are a treat for the soul. Please do visit her blog if you want to read some really good, meaningful and touching poems.

Rule for this blog tour are:
Thank the blogger who invited you with a link to my blog
State the rules
Answer the 4 questions about yourself
Write a small introductory paragraph of the bloggers you invite…include their link and photo…and you pick the date that they will post.

Question about myself:
What am I writing/working on?
My main priority is this blog which I had no intentions of taking this far. Apart from blogging I am writing poems to submit in various magazines and anthologies. I will notify you once, perhaps if, I get published.

How does my work differ from others of the same genre?
There’s a saying- ‘To each, his own.’ I don’t know if it means what I think it is. But I write my thought which are obviously different from others. People say that their work defines them. For me, my work sometimes define me, sometimes portrays opposite of my personality, sometimes what I would like to become. But in the end, it is just what I feel like writing.

Why do I write/do what I do?
I write when I got nothing else to do. I write when I have so much work to do. Mostly, I write to relieve the pressure. I write just because I want to.

What is my creative process?
I think it’s a little old-fashioned but I generally prefer to make a first the first draft on paper. When I am satisfied with it, I type it out. Usually a line or a thought comes out of the blue. But when it doesn’t I tend to go for the prompts. It’s a good thing on wordpress that people always inspire me to write more.

The following beautiful people and excellent bloggers are my recommendations:



  • Kimberly at
    The essentials: Kimberly, currently live in the Northwest Burbs of Illinois, divorced with two boys – one 19, the other 16, has a three-legged dog. She write lovely poems above life, love and about her really cute dog. Her short and sweet poems have such deep messages.

With a great tagline of his blog ‘Truth as it is’, he does represent his blog truthfully. Writing about life and a lot of true incidents, his poetry portrays a real picture of life, good or bad.


I am sorry I have only 2 recommendations. I had no internet connection for a long time so I couldn’t contact people. But the above recommendation truly deserve it.

Mamihlapinatapei (Lanturne Poem)

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

could speak
when your heart was

My heart felt
when you passed me

feel, this
Cannot let it

know you
feel the same
just too scared to

can stare
in your eyes
forever so

when eyes
meet unsaid
words expressed with

eyes try to
decipher this

deep in
my soul, it
is my heart you

Mamihlapinatapei mean “The wordless,  yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start.” This word was suggested by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompt #62. Also the poetry format I used is called Lanturne Poem. The Lanturne is a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.

Poetry Anthology

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My Silent Escapes

Cover Page Cover Page

Three of my poems are published in the anthology ‘Help Wanted: Poets Please Apply’. The anthology was headed by Emily Sturgill at

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Do check this out to see some wonderful poems by some wonderful bloggers. Also, the anthology will be free to download on June 27-30. So do check this out.

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Poetry Anthology

Cover Page

Cover Page

Three of my poems are published in the anthology ‘Help Wanted: Poets Please Apply’. The anthology was headed by Emily Sturgill at

Kindle Edition is available here:

Paperback edition is available here:

Do check this out to see some wonderful poems by some wonderful bloggers. Also, the anthology will be free to download on June 27-30. So do check this out.

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Have A Little Hope


A lovely angel at night
carassed my hair with love
‘You are the star all above’
She would say and leave my sight.

With starlight and my beaming eyes
uplifting spirits, smile on my face
I was hopeful for a brighter place
For sorrow, my smile was the guise.

A magical touch and it came to me
One comes when I thought I was lost
One came when I needed the most
An angel called hope, to set me free.

These mere four letters
lost alone in an abyss meaningless
taught a lesson in togetherness
It says that it gets better.

Hope strikes me when I lose it all
Hope inspires when the world stop helping
Hope creeps in with the morning light looking
Hope keeps the key to the door of my soul.


It’s been almost 2 months on WordPress.500 likes, 125 followers, and my 51st post 🙂 You might think I am crazy but I like to keep score 😛 Now I think it’s time you know the real me. So, my name is Abhilasha. I am from India as you already know. ‘Abhilasha’ is a hindu name which mean wish\hope\desire. And as the name suggests, I have a lot of wishes! But I believe having some little wishes is what keeps a person going on in life.

When I first started this blog I had no idea it was going to be about poetry. I suck at writing fiction and I only wanted this blog as a stress buster.I would only write about loneliness, and silence and everything but you guys taught me that there is stuff beyond that. And I realised if there is anything related to writing I can do, is writing poems.

I have tried to expand my horizon, when it comes to poetry, I learned many new writing styles: Shadorma, haiku, tanka, elfje, sonnet, triversen, shayari etc.

I took part in the national poetry month. This was such an overwhelming experience. Because yes, I made it. 3o days, 30 poems 😀

I have enjoyed this journey, no matter how short it’s been but it gave me the confidence and it gave me the chance to explore ‘me’. Now I know that yeah, I can do a little poetry.



It all started one fine day when a pigeon decided to build a nest on my bathroom window sill. (definitely an erotic pigeon to choose a bathroom window, right?) When it build it’s nest, it would sit there all day and made those loud noises. It was sweet in the start for everyone in my family. But as the time passed, those sweet noises turned in loud, boisterous groans. My Granny would yell at them the whole time. At times it seemed like a competition about who could be louder. But the pigeon did not budge. It kept sitting there, looking fat as hell, making the same noises as ever, and not going anywhere.
But as the time passes I started to like his sound. You might call me a crazy person but I even started taking to him. But his only reply was a cold look. Yes, his eyes just seemed to stare at me all the time. But I didn’t mind. It was like since he couldn’t speak, maybe it’s eyes had it all.
One fine day I thought that he must be really hungry. It was too sunny outside and I thought, “Why not provide him with some food?”
So I decided to do it. It tried to open the window. As it heard a noise, he twitch. I thought he must be really excited. (Yes, go on, you can call me stupid for being nice.) Then I opened the window, stretched my arm to put some food and far off he flied. Well this was not it. The more depressing thing was what happened after.
When he flew off. I saw in the nest was an egg. (Gosh! How could I have not known). Yes, it was incubating. that’s the reason it wasn’t going anywhere all this while.
I was filled with such guilt and regret. And now it’s been 3 days. the food that I put out for them is still there. Not even touched by the pigeon. I feel terrible for doing that. I was basically interfering in their live! But yes, I learned a lesson, never to trouble the animals. They have their own thing going on you have no knowledge about……



How do you kill a person? It’s simple right?
A bullet straight through the heart, strangling the neck or the very own, very original rat poison(typically indian, right?).
But there’s one more to add to that. Something never mentioned in “1000 ways to kill someone”. Just say him some bitter words. You won’t even realize, but what you say might just have killed someone.

WORDS…..they are more powerful that you might ever imagine. They have the power to destroy a relation, to destroy a person, to destroy a life.

And the biggest risk that lies,
“Once they are out, you can never have them back.”

On someone’s blog I read a poem which had a line 
“Try pulling the keys up to type and see how much more carefully we choose what we say.”

They say,

“The one who hides his sorrow becomes a comedian. The one who doesn’t, become a poet.”

All of us here are using words to express emotion. So we all know how much words mean and how we must wisely use them.

Well, you might think all of a sudden how philosophical I’ve become! Well I am always like this. But this time, just a a big fight with my parents. And they said some pretty bad things which I didn’t like. They always end up saying something which hurts me pretty bad. But I didn’t reply back with offensive words. Yes, even the words not using the F-word can be pretty offensive sometimes. What I did was to just stay calm and I took the back exit.


When I am really upset or angry at someone, I tend to stay quiet. I dismiss the argument as soon as possible. Of course I do that only for people who matter (I am no saint, just in the making.) Things start goings in my head of all the possible stuff I could have and should have said and all the possible incidents I could have quoted. But at the moment thankfully, it is just in my head. Later on, when I am calm enough to decide what to say, I realize how cruel those words were and how awful I was going to make the other person feel. And then I am really glad I didn’t do it. 
Of course I am not the best person when it comes to confrontations but at least I am a great person to avoid getting in a fight. And to not make the other person feel even more bad, just because he doesn’t know that how much more pathetic his words were.


“We need words to express
But only if chosen wisely
can they be able to impress
else if not said nicely
will make the listener depress”